Our Story

For over 10 years we have pioneered Medical-grade skin care for African skin using the latest innovations and our Cosmetic dermatology knowledge. We empower men and women to enjoy their skin tones helping them keep it in optimum health.

We are constantly innovating and researching to ensure we simplify beauty care for African skin and hair.

Our growing product and service portfolio will help you get achieve healthy skin and hair.

Let us help you get the right skin care product for whatever skin concern you have.

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Our vision

Healthy Skin and Hair aims to be among the most trusted providers in the beauty industry. We understand the quest for beauty never ends so we continually invest in research and innovations to meet our consumer’s needs.

Our mission

To help Women and Men of all skin types and tones achieve their most perfect natural skin and hair at whatever age. We aim to do this by introducing skin and hair care routines as a lifestyle and giving people access to quality Cosmetic Dermatology Services.

Perfectly curated products for African Skin Types

Demystifying women on skin bleaching through education, love researching on Cosmetic solutions for African skin and hair using our natural ingredients is our goal.